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Functional Foods: Benefits, Concerns and Challenges—A Position Paper from the American Council on Science and Health

This review categorizes a variety of functional foods according to the type of evidence supporting their functionality, the strength of that evidence and the recommended intakes.

What are functional foods?

Answer on Quora/Forbes by Keck Medicine of USC.

Purple Carrots, Margarine Laced With Wood Pulp? Nutraceuticals Move Into the Supermarket

Rather than eliminating unhealthy ingredients, such as fat, cholesterol, sugar, and salt, the strategy is to create foods that have an extra amount of a compound already associated with increased health.

Designer foods and their benefits: A review

Designer foods are normal foods fortified with health promoting ingredients.


Color gaining prominence as ingredient attribute

As consumers continue to focus on health, they also are turning their attention to appearance.

GRAS status, milder taste to broaden market for organic spirulina, Valensa says

An article that, in part, focuses on the importance of taste for consumer adoption.


Technomic’s Take: COVID-19, The Foodservice View

How the pandemic continues to affect operators, including sales declines, furloughed employees and comfortability in returning to work.

COVID-19 will forever change the foodservice industry

Looking forward at the long-term impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on the U.S. Foodservice industry through three lenses: consumers, operators and manufacturers.

The Coronavirus Crisis: How the Core Wellness Consumer Thinks About Immunity Through Proactive Resilience

On this podcast, our analyst shares insights into how modern times are bringing modern responses to epidemics and talks about ways that the Core wellness consumer proactively approaches immunity and resilience.

21 Ways Restaurants Could Change Forever, According to Chefs

Industry leaders predict what we’ll see in a post-coronavirus dining landscape.


AI shaping the future of food: ‘Delivering a sustainable food system will fundamentally depend on exchanging data’

Ag-tech company Agrimetrics is launching a new, interactive tool for looking at food and farming data. It claims it will improve sustainability and productivity by accelerating artificial intelligence and advanced analytics.

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