Proud Mama

Proud Mama: My Little Feminist

A excerpt from “BHS student art: pulling back the covers during strange times” by R. Todd Kerr, Berkeley Times, April 26, 2018

Many artists in this year’s show explored feminist themes. For instance, Helena Busansky, based her visual exploration on a question, “How do women interact with the government and our political system?”

In one of her works, “Luxury Collection,” Busansky examined the sexism of the luxury tax on tampons – a sarcastic assemblage that presented gold-leafed tampons in a spoon cabinet.

Helena Busansky

Even more thought provoking was an installation titled “The Room I Wish I Had”… a rather bold expression of the artist’s imagnation. It was a young girl’s bedroom, but not just any girl. This child had a eye for iconic and powerful figures. For instance, on the pink painted walls, there were posters of Michelle Obama and U.S. Senator Kamala Harris. And her doll house was an obvious reference to the White House on Pennsylvania Avenue. 

Helena Busansky

In this poignant manifestation of youth, there was no evidence of a glass ceiling.

*No disrespect to Mr. Kerr, but the “posters” of Michelle and Kamala were (painstakenly) painted by Helena.

Full Article PDF: Berkeley Times, April 26, 2108